Capital Improvements Fund

The Future of Pixie Park in the Marin Art and Garden Center


For 65 years, Pixie Park has been a special place for children 6 years old and under to explore their environment, discover their individuality, and make some of their very first friends. As a cooperative playground, it is also a vital community for parents to socialize, exchange ideas and watch each other’s kids grow.

Pixie Parents need your help to repair its facilities and make the playground inclusive and accessible to people of all abilities.

Please help by going to to donate now! 100% Of your donation will go directly to the Pixie Park Capital Improvements Fund and is tax deductible. Our 501(c)3 number is 94-6086438. Our goal is to raise $425,000 by September 2018.

“The environment itself had to speak to the kids. It’s not just assembling a bunch of athletic equipment. You have to catch their imagination, and you think about things like crawling, hiding, mystery, color, texture, line…all the things that would appeal to children.” Robert Royston, Pixie Park’s original landscape architect, circa 1958.

Phase 1 improvements include:

  • Re-grade and repave all paths, stairs, ramps, and the plaza to be durable and comply with current Americans with Disabilities Act standards.
  • Create ADA accessible “beaches” and transfer stations that allow at-grade, wheelchair access into all the play areas, thus making all play opportunities accessible to people of all abilities.
  • Replace the old non-accessible hillside slides with new ADA accessible hillside slides placed on the main circulation route. We are installing metal slides that do not interfere with cochlear implants.
  • Stabilize the eroding hillside with new concrete retaining walls, mulch, and natural stone and log scrambles.
  • Improve storm water drainage by adding area drains and permeable paving.
  • Restore the Wooden Train and add a digger and splash table to the Sand Play Area.
  • Provide more seating areas to enjoy the hillside views, and add an ADA accessible picnic table.
  • Plant trees to provide shady play places.
  • See the Pixie Park illustrative plans.

Phase 2 improvements include:

  • Renovate the Pavilion and the Restroom to meet current Building Codes and Americans with Disabilities Act standards.
  • Repave the historic Splash Pad area behind the Pavilion and make the Splash Pad functional again.

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Donate Now

Donate now and help keep Pixie Park thriving! 100% of your donation will go directly to the Pixie Park Capital Improvements Fund and is tax deductible. Pixie’s 501(c)(3) number is 94-6086438. We plan to break ground in Fall 2017. Thank you for your support!

Donation Levels

Please contact Holly Tate at to learn about the special ways Pixie recognizes its most generous donors.

OAK ($10,000 -$24,999)
Recognition on the Donor Wall and on an engraved brick in the Donor Path.

SYCAMORE ($5,000 – $9,999)
Recognition on the Donor Wall and on an engraved brick in the Donor Path.

MAGNOLIA ($2500 – $4,999)
Recognition on the Donor Wall and on an engraved brick in the Donor Path.

MADRONE ($1000 – $2,499)
Recognition on the Donor Wall and on an engraved brick in the Donor Path.

DOGWOOD ($500 – $999)
Recognition on an engraved brick in the Donor Path.

Recognition in print and on-line.


Make a Donation to Pixie Park now!

Pixie Donors

Elizabeth & Lee Adams  •  Liz Amini  •  Katie & Roger Arnemann  •  Lisa & Chris Beauchamp  •  Anya Bosina & Ivo Delmis  •  Elizabeth Brekhus  •  Janell & Joe Ciatti  •  Kate & Jeff Colin  •  Marie & Brian Collins  •  Carey Condy  •  Courtney & Raphael de Balmann  •  Mark & Catherine Devereaux  •  Stacey & Ian Dillon  • Micky & Chris Doner  •  Erin & Alex Earls  •  Cassandra & Jeff Edwards  •  Margie Ellis  •  Pamela & Bryce Emo  •  Melissa & Andrew Felder  •  Susan & Greg Flandermeyer  •  Leora & Matt Fulvio  •  Casey & Zack Georgeson  •  Nina & John Gladish  •  Alisa & Brian Golson  •  Good Eggs  •  Kathryn & Ryan Grady  •  Katie & Richard Hoertkorn  •  Katie Hyde & Mark Schrumpf  •  Glennis Jones  •  Jordan & Michael Kahn  •  Brianne & Matt Koch  •  Maureen & John Landers  •  KC & Steve Lauck  •  Meghan & Andrew Levin  •  Hollis & Al Litrownik  •  Roseanna & Wallace Lourdeaux  •  Shana & Joe Lourdeaux  •  Jennifer & Mark Malcoun  •  Ann & Andy Mathieson  •  Diane Maywhort  •  Betsy & Ed McDermott  •  Julie & Ian McGuire  •  Suzanne & Robert Mellor  •  Emily Morris & Javier Soltero  •  Erin & Darius Mozaffarian  •  Patxi’s Pizza  •  Allyson Peracca & Michael Strohl  •  Ann & David Peterson  •  Maria Pitcairn  •  Mary & Bill Poland  •  Annabelle & Bill Reber  •  Jackie & Jim Reinhart  •  Elizabeth Robbins & Stephen Hauser  •  Pollie & Doug Robbins  •  Elika & Michael Rosenbaum  •  Ross Auxiliary  •  Debby & Paul Sagues  •  Stephanie & Bryan Sander  •  Janet & Gary Scales  •  Laura Schooling & Jens Hofmann  •  Irene Scully  • Regina & John Scully  •  Holly Selvig & Avner Sofer  •  Emily & Brian Slingerland  •  Raina & Michael Sobel  •  Gita & Nick Stiritz  •  Ali & David Stone  •  Theresa & Bryan Talany  •  Holly Tate & Scott Clark  •  Jane & Robert Tate  •  Rachel Templeton & Jamie Freundlich  •  Abby & Scott Vix  •  Barbara & Milton Werner  •  Diana & Mike Werner  •  Lisa & Ted Williams  •  Margie Wilson

In-Kind Donors

Anya Bosina Graphic Design  •  Holly Selvig Landscape Architecture  •  Julia Zave Photography  •  Stacey Dillon Event Planning

Make a Donation to Pixie Park now!