Pixie Park | For Members
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For Members

Welcome, Pixie Park members!


Don’t get locked out! Need to exchange your old key for a new one? Returning a key? Lost your key and need a replacement? All questions about keys may be directed to keys@pixiepark.org.

Birthday Parties

All Pixie members and members of the Marin Art and Garden Center are eligible to use the Birthday Party area in Pixie Park for their pre-first grade children. Please see the Birthday Party page to book your party and ready most frequently asked questions.. If you need further assistance, don’t hesitate to contact Pixie Birthday Party Chair at birthdays@pixiepark.org. Enjoy your Pixie celebration!


All members (excluding the No Hours membership) have a number of required hours to volunteer at Pixie Park. Know your membership type and keep track of your work hours. Contact the Hours Chair at hours@pixiepark.org with questions.

Get on (the) board!

Would you like to have more first-hand knowledge of what’s going on at the park, organize events, contribute new ideas? Sounds like the Pixie Park Board is perfect for you. You receive all your miscellaneous  hours for the year. And, after serving on the board for two years, you get one year free of all hours! If you’re interested or have questions, please contact the President at president@pixiepark.org.

We’re recruiting new board members throughout the year.