Pixie Park | Work Hours
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Work Hours

Hours Requirements

Working members are required to volunteer a predetermined amount of hours (depending on member type) each year to help raise money for and maintain the park. The hours are broken down into various categories and throughout the year you will receive communications via the Big Tent forum regarding how to check the status on your hours.

Spring Event

Sign up early to help in the Pixie Park Spring Event. Volunteers enjoy the camaraderie and fun while sharing their talents and time during this fun event.

Holiday Bake Sale

All members are encouraged to participate in the annual winter Holiday Bake Sale to raise funds for Pixie Park.

Miscellaneous Hours

Board Member

Become a Pixie Park Board Member! You will receive all your miscellaneous hours for the year. And, after serving on the board for two years, you get one year free of all hours! If you’re interested or have questions, please contact the President at president@pixiepark.org. We’re recruiting new board members throughout the year.

Event Chair

Event chairs earn their miscellaneous hours by helping with a smaller aspect of a large event. If you are an event chair for the Bake Sale, you also fulfill your bake sale hours. If you are a Spring Event event chair, you also fulfill your Spring Event hours.

Help with an event

There are always opportunities to help with a Pixie event and earn your miscellaneous hours.


Need to fulfill your hours? Contact president@pixiepark.org to find a way to help our Pixie Park community!