Pixie Park Is Open!

On November 8th, we reopened our beautiful new park to members!   We are currently operating with special COVID-19 procedures.

  •  To limit the number of people at the park at a given time and allow for contact tracing, Pixie Park will have reopened with a reservation process on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, where members can reserve time slots each week.  Active members will receive an email sign-up in advance of the park’s reopening and on a weekly basis thereafter.  We are open to your feedback on this process and expect we’ll make changes as we learn more about what is working and what our members want.
  • While in the park, visitors must comply with the following Marin County playground rules.  The public park guidelines are here for your reference.
  • Current sign-up procedures (to be revised from time to time as conditions change and based on member feedback):  Each membership has a set number of reservation “chits” per week they can use to pre-reserve slots.  Each time slot is open to 3-7 sign-ups.  Last minute sign-ups:  Even if you have used your reservation chits for the week, after 8pm you can sign up for an additional open slot for the following day only.  Note that you'll need to use a different email for this if you've reached your reservation limit for the week.   If you'd like to bring another family with you as your guest, please sign up for two spots within the time slot, i.e., you'll need to use two chits instead of one.

Please also see 2019-2020 Renovation for information about our renovation.

Pixie Park (Est. 1952) 30 Sir Francis Drake Blvd., Ross, CA

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